Have you got a big presentation coming up? Are you struggling to write a Best Man speech that will make you the talk of the wedding? Or do you want to impress your work colleagues with a humorous lecture? We can help!

Speaking in front of a crowd is the biggest fear most people have. (Death itself comes in at number two!) So we understand why you might want a little help to get over those nerves.

Laff Attack has access to a whole team of speech writers, with extensive comedy experience, who can make your script punchier, funnier, dramatic and awe-inspiring. We can tailor it to your brief, and make sure it’s specific and relevant to your event or industry.

As well as writing your speech for you, we can also coach you in the fine art of public speaking. We’ll teach you the many psychological tricks comedians and professional presenters use to get an audience on side, hold their attention, and leave them wanting more once you’re done.

Get in touch today, to discuss what we can do for you, using the information below, and our friendly team will be happy to help you make it happen.



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